Subway Station – 34 x 23
Subway Station map based on Park Street Station in Boston

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The text also just grows increasingly garbled. For instance, here it says that our new subway system will streamline the rush-hour commute, but about halfway down, it’s a series of nearly indecipherable glyphs our experts insist hint at “non-Euclidian emotions” and “appeasement” (though we think this may be a euphemism for “fares”).

Joseph Fink, The Great Glowing Coils of the Universe

Daniel climbed down the stairs and with a glimpse of his eye he saw the train departing. Damn! That would be at least 10 minutes delay for his super important meeting. He bought a newspaper from the stand, left the briefcase by his feet and opened the paper while he was waiting for the train. 

The place filled within few minutes with police officers and the forensics team. They started putting yellow tape llover the station. “Detective, do you really think it was a suicide?” – said the young police officer. “Certainly not, Harry… Certainly not…”

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