Salem Marina – 50 x 46
Salem Marina

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Into the sea I’d love to sink When with both eyes a shark can blink Is he a brave fish or a marine man? Through those closed eyelids my heart will he scan?

Munia Khan

Welcome to Salem Marina! Perhaps one of your investigators owns a boat and wants to go for a fishing trip. Or, maybe a rich boat owner called you to investigate a bizarre case. Whatever the reason, be careful cause you can easily drown if you are careless.

With this map you get:

  • grid & gridless variations
  • PNG files, low (70 PPI) & high (140 PPI) resolutions
  • day & night variations
  • dd2vtt files for FoundryVTT & Roll20
  • High-resolution WebP files
  • Modular maps for FoundryVTT with several assets so you can mix & match and create a custom map for your needs.
  • A monthly Foundry Module with all the maps of the month personally curated by me with walls, windows, doors, lights, and more.


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