Dr. F. Graves House – 20 x 30
Dr F Graves House Map

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After you find out all the things that can go wrong, your life becomes less about living and more about waiting.

― Chuck Palahniuk, Choke

The old Victorian house loomed through the fog like a ghostly specter. Its peeling white siding was almost imperceptible in the misty gloom. As I walked up the creaking front steps, I sensed an aura of dread and unease emanating from within.

The heavy oak door swung open at my touch with an ominous creak, as if inviting me into the house’s clutches. Inside, a musty smell hung in the air mingled with something fainter and more disturbing. Furnishings were draped in sheet shrouds that fluttered at some unfelt breeze. I called out but received no reply, as if the house itself was holding its breath in anticipation.

Venturing deeper, I passed an office containing cluttered shelves weighed down by stacks of esoteric books and jars containing specimens best left unnamed. In a back room, rusted medical tools were arranged on a table stained dark with antiquity. Through a small window, I glimpsed strange forms buried in unhallowed ground beyond.

Upstairs, moonlight illuminated spiraling wallpaper patterns that writhed and twisted before my eyes. A study contained glass-fronted cabinets displaying curios that caused my skin to crawl – warped skulls, twisted bones, discolored organs preserved in amber fluid.

In the master bedroom, a massive tome bound in human flesh lay open on the canopy bed, its pages inscribed with blasphemous arcane passages. A shadow detached itself from a far corner and slowly resolved into the aged form of Dr. Graves, pale eyes gleaming with deep wells of madness and forbidden insights.

I fled that unholy house into the misty night, pursued by phantom footfalls and glimpsing through swirling vapors terrible shapes that had been glimpsed where man was not meant to see. Whatever secrets and sorrows lurk within those rotten walls, some monstrosities are best left undisturbed.

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