Countryside Mansion – 31 x 31
Countryside Mansion Map

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Every house has secrets

― Victoria Schwab, Gallant

Welcome to the Countryside Mansion!

I had heard whispers of the old manor house during my travels through the English countryside. Locals spoke in hushed tones of the Kingsley estate, a sprawling Gothic mansion that had laid empty for decades on the bleak moorlands outside the village. Strange lights had been seen flickering in the towering windows late at night, and ghostly figures glimpsed drifting amongst the decaying gardens. Curiosity and a thirst for exploration overcame my apprehension, and I resolved to venture up the long drive and discover what unearthly secrets lay behind the estate’s forbidding walls.

As dusk fell, I made my way up the winding gravel path. The mansion soon loomed into view, silhouetted against the darkening purple skies. It was a vast, sprawling edifice of grey stone, turrets twisting skyward as if in anguish or madness. Not a single light shone within; it seemed as lifeless as the barren moors that surrounded it. I approached the grand entryway slowly, my senses alive with a primal sense of foreboding. The heavy oak door creaked open ominously at my tentative touch, admitting me into the yawning black maw of the foyer.

Inside, an unnatural gloom reigned. Dust hung thick in the musty air, illuminated only vaguely by the fading light spilling through tall arched windows. A sweeping staircase led upward into the blackness of the upper floors, while closed doors beckoned invitingly on either side. I followed my lantern light down a corridor, peering into abandoned rooms slowly being consumed by encroaching vegetation. Strange etched patterns seemed to writhe and pulse on peeling wallpapers in the flickering glow. From deeper within the house, faint noises echoed – unearthly whispers and slitherings that chilled me to my core.

Suddenly, a cracking boom shook the ancient structure. I whirled, heart pounding, to see the grand front doors slowly swinging shut with no earthly hand. I was trapped within this place of eldritch secrets, its mysteries now my own to unravel or perish in the attempt. Little did I realize then how close I was walking to the precipice of madness, and the blasphemous secrets kept behind the doors of Kingsley Manor…

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  • grid & gridless variations
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  • High-resolution WebP files
  • A monthly Foundry Module with all the maps of the month personally curated by me with walls, windows, doors, lights, and more.


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