Honest Joe’s Pawn Shop – 17 x 20
Honest Joe's Pawn Shop Map

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To a blind man, pawn shop and porn shop are one. To an unintelligent man, oversleeping and sleeping over are opposites.

― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

The storefront of Honest Joe’s Pawn Shop squatted between a closed beauty salon and liquor store. Peeling gold letters announced its name above grimy windows obstructing any view within. I pushed through the squealing entrance, setting off a rusty bell, and was assaulted by the metallic scent of old, hidden things.

Rows of shelves packed tightly with oddities stretched into the gloomy recesses. Behind the scarred wooden counter stood Joe himself, stout and unsmiling, observing me with shrewd eyes. “Somethin’ I can help ya find?” he grunted.

I began perusing the chaotic inventory, each item radiating peculiar auras. A leather-bound journal seethed with buried rage and madness. A child’s music box tinkled with memories better left undisturbed. Joe said nothing as I hurriedly returned each cursed curio, unsettled by what stories they held.

My attention caught on a battered trunk, its hasp secured by a heavy padlock. Trying to peer through crack lines, fleeting images flashed—a dark manor, screams in the night, the nauseating stench of decay. I gasped and snatched my hand away. Joe loomed, smile tight and insincere.

“Find anythin’ what piques yer interest?” His beady eyes glinted knowingly. A chill crept up my spine at what ominous histories this shop’s warped walls contained and the monstrous bargains struck within. I fled, bells jangling accusations, certain that whatever corruption festers in Honest Joe’s pawnshop, its shadows reached far beyond those grimy doors. Some secrets are best left undisturbed.

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