Road Chase Scene – 50 x 15

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If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.

― Mario Andretti

He looked back and saw the black car following them. He turned up to the driver and said – “You really need to press your foot on that pedal”. The driver nodded and shifted the gear. The car moved like crazy while overtaking all the other cars in the street. Suddenly a loud shattering noise rang out – the rear window was gone. “They are shooting at us – we need to move, now!”. The driver had some more tricks up his sleeve. He slammed on the handbrake and the car started to slow. “What are you doing? Are you crazy?” – the passenger yelled. The driver began to laugh as he let go of the handbrake. The car drifted around the curb, and with a sudden change of course, they had lost their pursuers in the narrow streets of the city. “We are safe… For now…” – he said as he continued laughing like a maniac.

This map was designed to work with Parallaxia Module for FoundryVTT. 

In order to use this Road Chase Scene with Parallaxia you first need to install Parallaxia Module.

After enabling this module for your game world you can just import the map as normal tile. Then by right clicking on it you will see some icons on the top right of the tile. The last icon is used to enable Parallaxia on this tile. I propose to use 3000 x 2100 as the dimensions of the tile. I found out that worked best for me although you can experiment and find what suits you best.

By clicking here you can see a small video showing how I enabled Parallaxia for this scene.


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