Arkham Radio – 25 x 25
Arkham Radio Map

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We few left who listen to the radio leave
Ourselves available to surprise.

― Jericho Brown, The Tradition

As the new program director of Arkham Radio, housed in a sleek downtown studio, I was excited to spread positive programming to our listeners. But strange technical difficulties have plagued our signal of late.

Late week during maintenance, engineers reported flashing lights near the terrace transmitter and scratches around cables that couldn’t be explained. I brushed it off until the night terrors began—hypnopompic whispers just below the broadcast wavelengths.

Last night, during routine broadcast, piercing static erupted from the transmitter. Rushing outside, I found the antenna swaying unnaturally against a starry sky. As I approached, an ebony form coiled down the steel beam, flowing through cables into the studio.

Now its maddening voice carries through frequencies both audible and below hearing, subliminally infiltrating every home and mind within range. Our pristine signal has been subverted for a darker purpose. How can I shut it down when the entity has complete control of the tower and my own thoughts? The red dawn is coming through the airwaves…

With this map you get:

  • grid & gridless variations
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  • A monthly Foundry Module with all the maps of the month personally curated by me with walls, windows, doors, lights, and more.


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Small Diner
Lombardo's Tailor Shop Map

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