Alley Chase Scene – 10 x 80
This is an alley chase scene

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“They’re gone. I let them chase me. I led them like a sunbeam and vanished like a shadow.”

― Erin Bow, Plain Kate

This map was designed to work with Parallaxia Module for FoundryVTT. But it can be used as a normal map too.

In order to use this Alley Chase Scene with Parallaxia you first need to install Parallaxia Module.

After enabling this module for your game world you can just import the map as normal tile. Then by right clicking on it you will see some icons on the top right of the tile. The last icon is used to enable Parallaxia on this tile. As the width of the scene you should use either 700 (70 PPI) or 1400 (140 PPI). For the height you can use any value you like – I used 2000 for the 140 PPI. I found out that worked best for me although you can experiment and find what suits you best.

You can see an example of this working in the following video. Towards the end of the video you will see the settings I used.


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