Lombardo’s Tailor Shop – 25 x 25
Lombardo's Tailor Shop Map

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But in the course of my wanderings I had the good fortune to save the ninth life of a tailor — tailors having, like cats, nine lives, as you probably know.

― L. Frank Baum

As the proprietor of Lombardo’s, my clients expect discretion. So when young Angelo stumbled upon my workshop late one night, I had little choice but to make him a permanent model.

His pleas fell silent under my threaded needle. Such a lovely canvas to practice new techniques – flaying, embroidery, anatomical tailoring. The scissors snipped so satisfyingly through sinew and cartilage.

My patrons appreciate refined skill. I gift them Angelo’s tanned skin as custom-fitted leather, his eyes as mother-of-pearl button studs. They praise my ghastly couture.

Business booms, and raw materials dwindle. The workshop hungers. At night, I prowl dockside in a seamstress’ smock, harvesting soft flesh. The kids disappear so quickly in this city. No one will unravel my seams.

Thread by crimson thread, I weave a gruesome tapestry to style my shop. When the walls run red, a new fitting awaits. The moon calls me forth to hunt, and my shears hunger sharper than any razor. There is always more to tailor in the black arts of my needle trade.

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  • grid & gridless variations
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