Pet Shop – 16 x 20
Pet Shop Map

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Once you’ve tasted “love” from human flesh, you’re forever hooked. And mermaids have quite a voracious appetite for love.

― Matsuri Akino, Pet Shop of Horrors, Vol. 2

The squealing hinge of Donovan’s Pet Shop door grated against the growing dusk. Rows of cages stretched into shadowy recesses, holding mysteries best left undiscovered. Behind the scarred oak counter, the proprietor Donovan emerged, fixing me under hooded gazes that seemed to pierce the soul.

“Anything catch your fancy?” he rasped, baring blunt teeth in what passed for a smile. His stock stirred and chittered as if sensing prey. A panther cub paced endlessly, eyes burning with feral intelligence beyond its years. Birds with too many joints in their wings preened oily feathers the colors of bruises.

Deeper shelves bore tanks of twisted aberrations that slithered and squirmed in their element of dripping slime. Their bulging eyes tracked my every motion, mouthing nameless desires. Behind a glass pane, pods seethed with bloated contents writhing to quicken.

Donovan guided me to his workshop, stone altar stained dark, tools arrayed for nameless rituals and taxidermied trophies leering from hooks. His whispers pricked unwanted visions—elder signs, blasphemous litanies, keys that unlocked more than mere cages.

In his ledger, transactions bore signatures in blood, pledging souls in exchange for twisted boons. Outside, a chorus of inhuman howls rose with the coming of stars. I fled that unholy emporium, certain that whatever unnameable powers maintain Donovan and his pet shop of terrors, their dealings can only end in madness and desecration.

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