Scenario Map Pack #1 – Darkness Beneath the Hill
The Darkness Beneath the Hill Maps

Scenario Map Packs are all the maps you need to play an official Chaosium Inc. Call of Cthulhu Scenario. You will find included in the zip file many maps and variations to use in your game. Level-up your games and get all the locations mentionned in each scenario.

Call of Cthulhu is a Trademark of Chaosium Inc. and is used with their permission via the OBS Community Content program.

For more information please visit Chaosium’s website:

“I have seen the dark universe yawning

Where the black planets roll without aim,

Where they roll in their horror unheeded,

Without knowledge, or lustre, or name.”

― H. P. Lovecraft, Nemesis

Included you will find all the maps you need to play Darkness Beneath the Hill from Doors to Darkness scenario book. All the maps are available with grid or without grid and in high (140 PPI) and low (70 PPI) resolutions. The maps are in PNG format and you can easily print them or upload to any virtual tabletop software such us Astral, Roll20, Fantasy Ground, Foundry VTT.

You will also find John Hay Library & Providence Athenaeum ibraries which are designed according to the official floor plans and photos and this means that they are both looking very close to what you would see in real life. You willl also find a huge map of the Serpent Catacombs that is designed according to the scenario description.

There are 6 distinct locations and 18 different maps included in this Scenario Map Pack:

1a. John Hay Library – Ground Floor – Day – 44 x 27

1b. John Hay Library – First Floor – Day – 44 x 27

1c. John Hay Library – Ground Floor – Night – 44 x 27

1d. John Hay Library – First Floor – Night – 44 x 27

2a. Providence Athenaeum – Ground Floor – Day – 25 x 32

2b. Providence Athenaeum – Mezzanine – Day – 25 x 32

2c. Providence Athenaeum – Roof – Day – 25 x 32

2d. Providence Athenaeum – Ground Floor – Night – 25 x 32

2e. Providence Athenaeum – Mezzanine – Night – 25 x 32

2f. Providence Athenaeum – Roof – Night – 25 x 32

3a. Josh Winscott House – Ground Floor – Day – 40 x 30

3b. Josh Winscott House – First Floor – Day – 40 x 30

3c. Josh Winscott House – Ground Floor – Night – 40 x 30

3d. Josh Winscott House – First Floor – Night – 40 x 30

4. Josh Wiscott Basement & Underground Tunnel – 42 x 25

5. Serpent Catacombs – 116 x 128

6a. Escape Cavern – Day – 10 x10

6b. Escape Cavern – Night – 10 x 10

Please note that as Serpent Catacombs map is huge (116 x 128 grid) you will find the whole map available in 70 PPI resolution but for the 140 PPI resolution you will find the map splitted in 2 parts (top & bottom)

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Scenario Map Pack - Servants of the Lake - Call of Cthulhu
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