Movie Theater – 28 x 44
Movie Theater Map

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Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out

― Martin Scorsese

As dusk fell, sparse patrons filtered into the decaying movie palace. Dusty velvet drapes parted to reveal cracked plaster walls where rats scratched. I chose a seat near the back, avoiding gazing at stains covering others.

The projector clattered to life, flickering images resolving into a slasher flick I’d seen before. Yet this version held abnormalities – scenes extended into gruesome territory, characters met grislier ends. Laughter and screams merged into a cacophony in the packed house.

Glancing around, others watched rapt as skeletal figures writhed onscreen. Their gaunt faces mirrored flickering shadows, eyes reflecting only throbbing red as grins split their faces. When the reel snapped, they surged as one toward the screen with grasping hands.

I fled down creaking aisles toward the exit, but heard pursuit gaining with scrapes and whispers. Turning revealed only deeper darkness. A hand seized my shoulder from behind with iron fingers, pulling me into musty theater shadows.

Fetid breath whispered of future scenes I would star in, suffering torments virulently creative. They dragged me toward the projector’s blinding maw to be consumed celluloid piece by living piece, my screams joining those of past victims melded into the reels. This theater shows only the most twisted fantasies, playing out nightmares on an unending loop for audiences that live within the screen’s distorted glow.

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Movie Theater – Ground Floor – Day

Movie Theater – Mezzanine – Day

Movie Theater – Ground Floor – Night

Movie Theater – Mezzanine – Night

Movie Theater – Ground Floor – Empty – Day

Movie Theater – Mezzanine – Empty – Day

Movie Theater – Ground Floor – Empty – Night

Movie Theater – Mezzanine – Empty – Night

Movie Theater – Ground Floor – Splatter – Day

Movie Theater – Mezzanine – Splatter – Day

Movie Theater – Ground Floor – Splatter – Night

Movie Theater – Mezzanine – Splatter – Night

Movie Theater – Ground Floor – Abandoned – Day

Movie Theater – Mezzanine – Abandoned – Day

Movie Theater – Ground Floor – Abandoned – Night

Movie Theater – Mezzanine – Abandoned – Night


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