Courthouse – 25 x 35
Courthouse Map

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Whether in courtroom or classroom, it’s always nice to find room for decorum.

― Vincent Okay Nwachukwu

In the somber town of Arkham, deep within the darkened heart of New England, there stood a courthouse. A brooding edifice of stone and iron, with tall columns and an ornate spire that reached toward the murky skies above. Within its shadowed halls, the only sound was the occasional creak of old floorboards and the rustle of papers.

Whispers among the townsfolk spoke of a strange and ominous presence that loomed over the courthouse. They spoke of bizarre rituals held in secret within its walls, of ghastly apparitions that lurked in the shadows, and of a judge who was not quite human.

This judge, so they said, was a reclusive figure, known only by the name of Enoch Thorne. None had ever seen him outside the courthouse, and some even whispered that he never left his chambers. His face was shrouded in the folds of a black hooded robe, and his voice was deep and sonorous, with a hint of something inhuman.

One day, a man named William Blackwood appeared before Judge Thorne, charged with a minor offense. As he sat waiting for his hearing, he felt a growing sense of unease. The air in the courthouse seemed to grow thick and heavy, and he could hear strange whispers and rustling sounds that he could not explain.

Finally, Judge Thorne emerged from his chambers, his black robes billowing behind him like the shadows of a terrible dream. As he took his seat at the bench, Blackwood noticed for the first time that the judge’s eyes were black, with no discernible pupils or irises.

The hearing proceeded as normal, with Blackwood pleading his case and the judge listening in silence. But as Judge Thorne prepared to deliver his verdict, something strange and terrible happened. The air in the courtroom grew thick with an otherworldly miasma, and Blackwood felt a cold, clammy hand wrap around his ankle, pulling him down toward the floor.

He looked up in horror to see the judge’s eyes glowing with an otherworldly light, and a mass of writhing tentacles extending from beneath his robes. Blackwood screamed and tried to escape, but he was quickly engulfed by the tentacles, which wrapped around his body and pulled him deep into the darkness.

In the end, the townsfolk of Arkham never saw William Blackwood again, and Judge Thorne continued to hold court in the old courthouse. But those who knew the truth whispered of a terrible secret hidden within the courthouse’s walls, of a judge who was not quite human, and of an ancient and malevolent presence that lurked in the shadows, waiting for its next victim.

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