Arkham Sanitarium – 50 x 30
Arkham Sanitarium Map

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Welcome to where time stands still
No one leaves and no one will
Moon is full, never seems to change
Just labeled mentally deranged
Dream the same thing every night
I see our freedom in my sight
No locked doors, No windows barred
No things to make my brain seem scarred

― Metallica Welcome Home Sanitarium

Welcome to Arkham Sanitarium! You will find several common and private areas on the ground floor, and the inmates’ rooms on the first floor. The sanitarium serves the treatment of the mentally ill, but also is a nice place for some elderly to calm down their nerves for a while. 

No one knows about the secret basement and all the weird stuff happening there… Maybe it’s a good opportunity for your investigators to have a look at it. Or maybe not? What is it that the lab scientists keep locked inside the big cells at the end of the corridor? Is it a good idea to open that door?

With this map you get:

  • grid & gridless variations
  • PNG files, low (70 PPI) & high (140 PPI) resolutions
  • day & night variations
  • abandoned & splatter variations
  • floor plans
  • dd2vtt files for FoundryVTT & Roll20
  • High-resolution WebP files
  • A monthly Foundry Module with all the maps of the month personally curated by me with walls, windows, doors, lights, and more.


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