Handout Generator Foundry Module
Handout Generator Foundry Module

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By becoming a patron you will be able to download VTT files to be used with Roll20, Foundry VTT and Fantasy Grounds.

At the end of each month I publish a Foundry Module that includes all the maps of the current month personally curated by me.

Ever wanted to create handouts on the fly while you are prepping on FoundryVTT?

Now you can!

The handout generator is now available as a FoundryVTT module. You can now create easily the handouts for your next game and import them into your journal.

Step 1

After installing and enabling the “Cthulhu Architect’s Handout Generator” module in your world, you should see the “Handout Generator” button on the Journal tab.

Step 2 

Clicking the “Handout Generator” button should open the handout generator interface. You can now select a handout that you want to create.

Step 3

After you finish editing the handout you can click the “Import Handout” button which will import your handout into your Journal.

Step 4

The handout is created and you can see it in the Journal tab. The handout that you just created opens up for you to tweak the title and its permissions.

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